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INDUSTRIAL MINERALS is an authorised distributor for entire Indian Terri-tory.

Ceramic foam filters can be used for ferrous & non-ferrous molten metals. During the melting process few of the Metallic Elements forms Oxides, which are non Soluble in the molten metals. The Oxide & other non soluble foreign material causes serious foundry defects in castings. Such impurities are in non soluble form & these are easily removed with the help of CERAMIC FOAM FILTERS.

SIC ceramic foam filter is specially for grey and ductile iron casting filtration, also it can be used for non-ferrous application. The filter's open pore structure was specially developed for the filtration of cast iron and prevents the ingress of slag, metal reaction products, inoculant residues or sand grains into the mould cavity. The inherently large surface area is well suited to intensive filtration and even finely distributed slag particles are retained both on the filter surface and in the filter structure.

Such high filtration effectiveness, combined with a reduction in turbulence, often allows gating systems to be greatly simplified and reduced in size. The filters can be positioned vertically, horizontally, or diagonally in a suitably designed runner system. By using these filters in the moulding process, almost all Floating & Suspended non Soluble particles, Foreign particles can be removed to get defects free castings. The cost of Ceramic Foam Filters are absolute negligible, compare to loss due to rejection & time loss.

SIC ceramic foam filter's outstanding thermal shock resistance and high strength properties were developed for superior performance in extreme iron or aluminum and copper based alloy foundry applications.

Silicon carbide ceramic foam filters are mainly designed to improve the quality of iron castings. The filter can effectively remove non-metallic inclusions including slag and dross from the molten metal stream. Additionally, they aid in reducing turbulence in the gating system.

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